5 Danger Signs Of An Overloaded Sticker

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While the design for stickers is often where a lot of people pour in a lot of their creativity, sticker printing can also be overloaded or overburdened with “too much designing” sometimes. Many new designers might actually get too excited with all the new features and technologies in print design today that they miss the fundamental elements that makes a true sticker function.

In this article, I will teach you the fiver danger signs of an “overloaded” color sticker designs. Hopefully, by remembering these signs, you can prevent your own color stickers from suffering that initial “overloaded” mistake. So let me introduce you to the first and most obvious sign, a crowded layout.

1. Crowded sticker printing layout.

When your color stickers have too much going on in its design, then obviously the layout is just overloaded and not ideal. Too many text elements and image elements are not only ugly in a sticker layout, but they can also confuse and even overwhelm most readers. That is why it is important to cut down your content to the barest minimum possible for sticker printing. This will help optimize your stickers in terms of layout and spacing.

2. Too many colors in the scheme.

Another sign of an overloaded sticker design is when the color scheme has too many colors. Two to three colors for the scheme should be okay, but having four or more makes those stickers a little bit more amateurish. In fact, too many colors can actually overwhelm readers, repelling people outright really. That is why most professionals only use one or two basic colors for sticker printing to establish a good and decent theme. This is more effective than having to many wild colors that messes up things in your design.

3. When the shape is too informal.

If the shape of your sticker is beyond the typical size and creative shapes of many commercial stickers, then your designs can actually be too much for most. Stickers are meant to be stuck at a few standard places. If you create a sticker with a shape that is too informal, this will present a lot of problems in terms of deployment. While it is indeed creative, this can make the sticker printing really impractical sometimes. So in the future, you might want to use more normal shapes and configurations.

4. When the text styles are hard to understand.

If the text of your color stickers are actually hard to read from afar, or have font styles that are just too wild and need some getting used to, then your own stickers have designs that are too much. Since stickers are small prints for quick reading and labeling, it is actually bad to use font styles that are hard to understand. It is best to just use simple sand serif fonts even though they are not really that creative looking. At least, people will understand more of the sticker message, making this more practical.

5. When there are lots of special printing add-ons.

Finally, if there are lots of special printing add-ons in combination such as embossing, glitter inks, folds, plastics etc. then I think your color stickers might just have too much in its design. One big special printing element should usually suffice, having too much actually makes the stickers a little bit gaudy and hard to really figure out. So minimize of your use of special printing effects for stickers when possible.

So watch out for these signs in your color stickers. If these signs appear in your own sticker printing, you might want to remedy these issues before mass production begins.

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