The BASIC Formula For High Quality Sticker Printing

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Let me give you the basics in developing high quality stickers. All you really need to do is to remember this “BASIC” formula cooked up by many professionals for high quality sticker printing. I have listed the formula below as well as some added explanations on how to actually implement the formula. Just follow through all these formula elements and you should turn up high quality color stickers in no time.

B - Beautiful, high resolution images.

The first basic element that is essential for a high quality sticker are beautiful high resolution images. Mere web images do not work well in professional sticker printing simply because they turn fuzzy and often times become discolored when they are printed. It is always good to use high resolution images from real original sources to make sure that those images and graphics appear clean and clear in sticker printing. So do not be lazy and get something from the Internet. Use your own talent and get high resolution images for your custom stickers.

A - Attractive easily understandable fonts.

The second basic element that makes a great high quality sticker are attractive and easily understandable fonts. The font typeface typically sets not only the whole mode or type of custom sticker design, but it also of course affects the readability of the main message itself.

If you want to print truly high quality custom stickers, you should always try to use simple sans serif fonts that are highly visible and of course easily understandable. There are plenty of free fonts on the Internet today, so you should not run out of sources.

S - Special sticker paper and inks.

It is also a basic element of high quality stickers to have special sticker paper and inks. Material quality counts for a lot in sticker printing since this will determine the look and life of the color sticker. To make sure that you turn out high quality custom sticker prints, it is best to use the best one you can afford. In most cases, any thick material with a glossy coating should do it. This should make the sticker durable and of course make it gleam in the light as well for that final professional finish.

I - Inviting statements for action.

Also, most of the best stickers out there have very powerful inviting statements for action. Whatever your stickers may have as a message, it is good to have one element in the design that encourages people to act in some way to the message they read on the sticker. Most of the time, this can just be a simple message that tell people to “buy now” or “visit now”. However others include small instructions at their custom stickers to make sure that people really understand what they need to do to respond to your stickers.

C - CMYK printing.

Finally, if you really want to print great quality color stickers, you should always go for CMYK printing and not the RGB kind. CMYK stands for Cyan Magenta and Black. This four color sticker printing process should help you turn out very vivid and almost real looking images in color stickers since those four color mixes gives out more color combinations than the typical Red, Green and Blue type of prints. So if you can, try to find a printer that uses CMYK colors for your color stickers.

So that is the BASIC formula for high quality sticker printing. Now you should have no trouble printing out the best color stickers that you can ever have.

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