Meeting Marketing Campaign Deadlines

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If someone were to ask you, would you know the difference between urgent and important?

According to another author, when you know that something is urgent, you rush to accomplish it. Bur when something is important, you make it a point to prioritize it. Usually, what is urgent gets more attention than those that are important. In fact, we prioritize in terms of what is urgent at the moment. Most of the time, we focus on both at the same time. There are still many instances when we tend to mix up the two.

In creating your brochure printing and postcard marketing campaigns, these two are often interchanged. In fact, those that are important are often given the time and mental focus because it just requires that much from your designing team. On the other hand, those that are urgent often get in the way of accomplishing your accomplishments for the long term. Because it is urgent, we tend to put more time and effort in making sure that that urgent matter should be addressed right away.

So what makes it hard for ad campaigns such as your business brochures and full color brochures to meet marketing campaign deadlines? Let me count the reasons –

Day-to-day problems versus the important goals
It is a fact that we have long-term goals that we work on and prioritize because this is something that we look forward to in the future. Nevertheless, we also have day-to-day problems that needed fixing right away. This is what keeps us from focusing on our long term goals. Because we have this penchant for fixing, we often give priority to what needs repairing right now. If you let something urgent eat all your time, then you will have a hard time making progress on anything that is important especially your long-term goals.

Give priority to something that does not cut it.
A person should know the significance of having a list of important items that could make his or her life better. Moreover, to this end, compromise is therefore important if you want to accomplish what is important. The list is crucial because it helps you record what is actually in it, and to not give too much attention to what is not.

When there is, an urgent matter that you need to take care of, that stuff that did not make the list should be dropped. You can always go back to it after you have accomplished the urgent item.

Sort out what is urgent as soon as they arrive. Dwelling on your problems and conflicts take so much of your time. It also distracts you from taking care of the urgent matters first. The effect of this then is that it takes you far longer to go back to your long-term goals and doing something for your important stuff.

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