Sending a Great First Impression to Customers

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If you are a salesperson, you are always seeking ways to sell more. If you are a businessperson, then you are a salesperson, no matter what your business is. You are selling your product or service, and so you should always be seeking ways to sell more.

How do you make customers feel at ease with you, and your product, enough to make the sale? Obviously, there is no one right answer, or else every salesperson and businessperson in the world would be employing it. But there are some guidelines that you can follow which will put you on the right path.

If you did not already realize this, now is a good time to make you aware: perception is reality. This is especially true in the world of sales. If the customer perceives you to be a swindler, or a less-than-reliable person, then that is what you are. If the customer perceives your product to be of poor quality, then it is. You have to make the customer feel at ease, and convince him that you (and your product) are legit.

Often, the first representation of your business that a customer will see is your advertising output. The flyers, posters, and brochures that you have created will give the customer his first impression of you and your company, which, as we noted, is vital to your success. You absolutely must project positively from your ads.

Therefore, it is worth your while to invest in quality commercial printing for your advertising campaign. Do not try to save money by doing it yourself. And certainly do not try to save money by printing less-than-stellar materials. Go to a reputable company, such as, and get full color materials printed. These things will look so good, and give customers such a good image of your business, that you will quickly make up the money you spent in getting them printed.

Nothing tells a customer that you are a professional – that you know what you are doing – that you care about your product – better than attractive, colorful ads and flyers. If there is one guideline that I can give you that will help you with your customer relations, it is what I have been stressing throughout this article: never, ever skimp on your advertising budget. Make a company like PrintPlace your friend, and use their services often.

If you do, chances are customers will perceive you as being of high quality, which means that is exactly what you are!

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