Struggling With Affiliate Sales

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Why is it that some affiliates are struggling to make sales and commissions as others are earning a good income from their sales? There can be many reasons why they are not being successful, the most common are: promoting products with no real value, lack of product knowledge, not being completely honest, promoting to the wrong prospects, not using the right tools for their advertising, and not having their own list for promoting their products. If you are struggling to make sales, the following suggestions may be useful.

1. Find a product with real value, a product that you find really useful and is priced right, do your research and choose wisely, avoiding the junk products being sold by people with bad reputations.

2. Know the product you are promoting, actually having used the product yourself will make it much easier to promote.

3. Be 100% honest, when it comes to marketing, honesty really is the best policy. Avoid products that make outrageous claims and keep your campaigns the same.

4. Spell out who the product is for, and who it is NOT for. If the product is for advanced users SAY so, as less advanced users will become frustrated with it and you will have unhappy customers. The same applies to products designed for beginners as more advanced users may not find it useful. Keeping happy customers is a lot better than continuously finding replacements for them.

5.Use professional quality lead-capture pages instead of the affiliate page provided to you, this not only sets you apart from all the others, it also builds your all-important list, the same applies to sales pages as well. Think about it, when you are using the pages provided to you by the vendor you are building his list for him! Use your own and you are building your own list of valuable customers. A professional-grade autoresponder service is also a must-have for building your list and your sales, most sales are not made until customer follow-up has taken place, many times only after six or more contacts. Personally I use and trust Social Media List Builder, while there are other services I could use, this one simplifies things for me by having all these services and a whole lot more available to me in one easy to use place.

6. Use targeted advertising as much as possible, choose your keywords carefully and find the proper audience for your ads. For instance, people using traffic exchange are marketers too, and are looking for customers also, offering them something to help them get more customers would be a much better thing to advertise there than some other product or service they have no interest in.

7. Offer your potential customers something useful and valuable to them for free, everybody likes free stuff especially when it's really useful. Offering useful products and any help you can give to others is an important part of your marketing, you will build an honest relationship with people who will then like you and trust you, these people will be far more likely to buy from you in the future than anyone else.

Keep all of these in mind when marketing your products, especially honesty, while using less-than honest techniques might get you a few sales, in the long run it will ruin your chances of ever becoming truly successful online, or in life.

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